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Beyond the Headlines: The Latest Jobs Report — A Mixed Picture

March 26, 2013

The latest edition of Beyond the Headlines provides an analysis of the latest Jobs Report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While positive signs in both the construction sector as well as the housing market have emerged, a closer look at the employment-to-population ratio (EPOP) data for the U.S., Seattle MSA and King County reveals a downward trend in labor market participation compared to pre-recession levels.

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New Video: Roland’s Story

March 20, 2013

SJI is proud to share another one of our inspiring student success story videos: Roland’s Story.

Before Roland found the SJI Welding program, he was looking for a good job that could provide him with, as he says so genuinely, “a vocational voice and financial freedom”. Up until that point, he had been working in shorter-term welding jobs here and there, but he found it was becoming harder and harder to pick up jobs without ...

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Professional & Business Services Report + Webinar 3/28/13

Professional & Business Services Report + Webinar 3/28/13

Seattle Jobs Initiative is pleased to present our latest labor market research: Industry Sector Snapshot: Professional & Business Services.?

This brief overview identifies the professional and business services industry?s current trends within the King County labor market in an effort to provide the workforce development community with answers to questions like:

  • How has the industry?s job growth improved since the end of the Great Recession?
  • How does the industry measure up relative to other industries in the area?
  • Which occupations host ...
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