Wendell’s Story

Before he started the SJI Medical Business Information Technology (MBIT) program in Spring 2012, Wendell was working as an on-call medical interpreter in local clinics, helping patients communicate medical staff and physicians. But the work was part-time and sporadic — and Wendell knew he needed education and job skills to be able to transition into a full-time career.

Wendell’s experience with the SJI program has been one of meeting the challenges of being a college student, but also one of receiving support from his career navigator, South Seattle Community College instructors and SJI staff. He also has found a big source of support in his fellow classmates, especially in the day-to-day instruction, computer labs, and homework assignments.

“Well, with SJI, I think it’s like having a big brother. He’s there to push you, but he’s not going to leave you. He’s there to push you to your limits, but he’s not going to leave you. He will support you. Take this program, and it will be hard, but we’re going to do this together – that’s the sense and feeling I’ve got so far about this program. It’s like a big brother to me.”