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2018 CareerReady RFQ


This is the final set of questions and answers for the CareerReady RFQ. Included are questions that were emailed to SJI as well; as those collected at the Bidders’ Conference. No new questions will be accepted at this time.

What is the period for the first year’s contract?
The first year’s contract will run from August 1st, 2018 through July 31st, 2019.

Will there be other training options besides Manufacturing Academy in Kent through AJAC?
No, not at this time.

Will there be funding beyond the $300,000 to $360,000 to sustain the program beyond year 1?
SJI is in the process of looking at funding opportunities for Year 2.

If so, what is the funding available for year 2?
We expect the funding in Year 2 to be similar to Year 1.

Will Navigators be required to do employer outreach or is SJI handling that exclusively?
Yes, Navigators will be required to do employer outreach to establish relationships with employers within the community and place program participants in jobs. However, this will be supported by SJI.

Is there any possibility of accepting clients that are above the 200% of federal poverty?
Not in the initial contract.

Is there any exception to enrollment outside of South King County such as Seattle and Tacoma?
CareerReady will only serve residents in the following areas cities: Auburn, Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, SeaTac, Tukwila, and the south Seattle neighborhood of White Center.

Will there be support service and tuition funding beyond the proposed $300,000 to $360,000?
Yes, additional funds have been reserved for support services for participants.

The contract end date is July 31, 2018, but that should be July 31, 2019 correct?

Will this contract have a performance based payment component to the contracts?
This will be part of contract negotiations.

It looks like at least 50% of folks on the program need to be in BFET. Will this be across the navigators? How will this be coordinated?
The 50% goal will be per provider.

Does SJI have ideas of how folks will pay for bills during the program? Do they anticipate candidates in a dual-income family? Section 8 housing?
Additional funds have been reserved for support services for participants. We expect Navigators to have the expertise to understand which participants are capable of succeeding.

Level 4 English, possibly Level 3. Will participants be tested pre-enrollment? If so, how?
AJAC administers both the Word of Work Inventory (WOWI) and the CASAS test – both assess English language fluency.

What is the expectation of the navigator to develop job opportunities? How much will SJI be developing opportunities for the program?
Navigators will be required to do employer outreach to establish relationships with employers within the community and place program participants in jobs. SJI has employees who are already working to help develop employer partnerships. AJAC will be leveraging employer partnerships as well.

Can we only work with immigrants/refugees?
No, any resident meeting the criteria that lives in Auburn, Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, SeaTac, Tukwila, and the south Seattle neighborhood of White Center is eligible.

How many of the manufacturing companies will require a Green Card for employees?
All participants in the program must have work authorization in the United States.

When are the AJAC classes? Is it possible for someone to work full-time or part-time while participating in the training?
AJAC projects the following start dates for MA:

September 24, 2018–December 7, 2018
January 7, 2019–March 22, 2019
April 1, 2019–June 14, 2019
June 24, 2019–September 6, 2019

How many cohorts do you expect to have in the first year?
There will be up to 10 of the AMP program (2 ½ days) and 3 Advanced Manufacturing courses in the first year. Over 2 years there will be 7 cohorts of the 10 week Advanced Manufacturing course serving a total of 270 individuals over 2 years.

How does SJI envision the three groups working together (between CBO, AJAC, and SJI)?
Through Santosha Scott, as SJI Project Manager overseeing CareerReady to ensure program standards and funding requirements are being met. As part of Navigation, there is also employer engagement and it’s envisioned the Project Manager, Career Navigators, and AJAC will coordinate together. SJI also has a Learning Community as a place for all to come together to share best practices and coordinate outreach activities.

Are you open to accept bidding from a group?
Yes, but we would need a lead within the group and would need to discuss collaboration. The organization submitting the bid would be considered the lead on the project. If they want to bring in subcontractors, they would need to be identified in their bid response.

How would life coaches be utilized?
We have a partnership with a counselor who can be approached and utilized for this project. Identified during assessment or training, needs based on barriers, retention, and lack of success.

What are provider/employer expectations around drug free and/or drug screens and criminal history?
It depends on the employer as to whether they conduct background and drug tests. This is a great place for onboarding conversations around if CareerReady is a good fit. We are looking for Career Navigators with a level of expertise that can identify potential issues during onboarding.

Are there educational requirements from the manufacturing employers?
A lot of the business have been expressing a need for high school completion or equivalent.

Are Tier 1 requirements going to be in force with CareerReady?
It won’t be a requirement to place with employers of scale, but we need to pay    attention to the quality of the job for placing outside. Tier 1 level employer business engagement will fall on SJI. To be considered otherwise, there has to be a career trajectory.

What’s the vision for getting close to the completion of the first cohort? What is the planning process for graduation and job search/placement prep?
Nearing the end of the cohort, there will be a more coordinated effort to prepare the clients for what comes next, utilizing components of a tool like CareerGROW modular performance skills training.

Are you envisioning bringing employers to the training site?

Is there certain criteria identified when placing in the 2 ½ day training v. the 10 week training?
All participants attend the 2 ½ day training. Those with preior manufacturing     experience will move to job search while others will move to the 10 week training. 

When is the expected response for successful or unsuccessful bids?
The week of July 23rd. Bidders will be notified by email.

Is it possible for a participant to work full-time or part-time while participating in the training?
AJAC advises that many students continue employment through training in gig jobs or shift work.  Classes are intentionally early so that evening work is reasonable.

How often will the 2 ½ day training happen?
Potentially once a month. SJI is working on a schedule with AJAC.

For those individuals getting jobs, we’re to follow them for 6 months post placement. Does that end at 2 years?
No. We anticipate that going into the 3rd year.

For submitting the RFQ documents, do you want separate documents or a stream of documents scanned?
We have a 25mb limit to our email, so separate documents is better. We will do our best to ensure all documents have been received, and will provide a response to all those submitting upon receipt.

Who is doing the evaluation of the RFQ?
There are 4 levels of evaluation, first is Elizabeth Unrath to confirm receipt and completion and moving forward, next step is financial, training partner, government, and internal; 3 external reviews, and 2 internal to SJI.

What is the expected enrollment and job placement numbers?
Total enrollment over two years has changed from 250 to 270 and the job placement count has changed from 125 to 135 participants.

What is the level of enrollment expected in the first year?
The first year project enrollments is 110 divided by 4 navigators.

What is the required job retention length?
6 months.

Do we have to submit a proposal with only full-time navigators or can we include multiple people to reach one FTE?
SJI’s experience has been that it is hard to divide up, but that doesn’t mean your   proposal wouldn’t be considered.

Are we expected to submit any budget at this time?
We asked for a budget narrative, but we’re not requiring a spreadsheet. A narrative does not include details, but big bucket projections. The entire RFQ submittal is 10 pages (not including finance documents), one page devoted to this is sufficient.

The program design is for 2 years with 1 year contract for each year.  Please clarify whether we need to propose a 1-year budget or a 2-year budget for this RFQ.
One year.

What will be the role of AJAC after 2 years?
SJI will work with the partners to design a sustainable plan. It’s possible that SJI will not manage the project after 2 years. The 2 ½ day and 10 week programs are AJAC specific.