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Beyond the Headlines: Living Wages

Living Wage in Seattle Increases Due to Rise in Cost of Housing

As a workforce intermediary seeking to better connect low-income individuals to living-wage jobs, Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) focuses its labor market research on identifying middle-wage jobs in our local economy. Training residents for these jobs provides an opportunity to meet the greatest skills shortages facing local employers while helping low-income and low-skill individuals advance into good-paying careers.

This issue of Beyond the Headlines provides guidance on the current living wage ...

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Beyond the Headlines: Pay Inequity

Basing Pay on What Job is Worth, Rather than Past Salary, Can Help Address Pay Inequities

In the April 2016 edition of Beyond the Headlines, SJI discussed how targeted middle-skill jobs provide a means of addressing the gender wage gap?that is, the fact that women earn less than men, even after considering the type of jobs they do, as illustrated in Figure 1 below. ?Given that the gender pay gap is not expected to close in Washington until 2071(i), SJI ...

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Beyond the Headlines: Underemployment

To Avoid Underemployment Choose Associate’s Degree Wisely

Seattle is one of the most educated cities in the country with 58 percent of adults at least 25 years old holding a bachelor’s degree and nearly one-quarter with some college or an associate’s degree. (1) Nationally, 29 percent of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree and the same percentage have some college or an associate’s degree.

However, high educational attainment is not a panacea, as a significant portion of people are unable to ...

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Beyond the Headlines – Seattle’s Digital Divide

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Beyond the Headlines – Gender Wage Gap

April 21016 ?| ?Focus: Gender
Gender Wage Gap: Targeted Middle-Skills Jobs Part of the Solution

In April, there is a lot of buzz around the gender wage gap. That?s because mid-month marks the point in the year up to which the average woman needs to work?on top of the previous year?to earn the same amount as the average man over just the previous year. In other words, women have to work more than 15 months to earn what men did in 12 ...

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USDA Announces SNAP to Skills States

March 2, 2016


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today the ten states that will partake in the SNAP to Skills Project with Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI). Through the SNAP to Skills project, SJI will provide technical assistance to the selected states in designing improved employment and training programs for low-income adults who are receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ...

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Beyond the Headlines — Who Are Seattle’s Unemployed?

Who are Seattle?s Unemployed?

As the country turns its calendar to begin a new year, Seattle Jobs Initiative believes it is an ideal time to reflect on the sustained plight of the jobless. Despite the economy recovering from the ravages of the Great Recession, unemployment remains a significant presence. This is especially true locally, where unemployment rates have recently climbed.(1)

In December 2015, the nation?s unemployment rate stood at 5.0%.(2) While experiencing a lower rate than the U.S. at large, Seattle saw ...

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SJI Tapped by OneAmerica to Develop Innovative Asset Map of South King County

OneAmerica and Seattle Jobs Initiative are proud to launch the South King County Asset Map. This collaboration, funded by the Kellogg Foundation, is part of a dual generation initiative that increases equitable access for families and recognizes their needs and strengths as an important foundation for improving academic outcomes for students. The South King County Asset Map is a reference tool for everyone ? clients, service providers, case managers, and more ? to find a service they wish to access ...

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SJI Tapped for Nation’s First SNAP E&T Center of Excellence

November 2, 2015

The USDA?s Food & Nutrition Service (FNS) has named Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) to create and manage the nation?s first Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment & Training (E&T) Center of Excellence (COE). The nearly $3.6 million contract will support the multiple activities of the SJI-led COE undertaken during the next two years to build, expand and improve SNAP E&T programs throughout the United States. Activities will include providing direct technical assistance to states, developing tools and resources ...

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Beyond the Headlines — Aid Like a Paycheck


Aid Like a Paycheck: New Concept in Financial Aid May Help Students with Money Management & Mental Bandwidth

What do low-income college students in the U.S. and Indian sugar cane farmers have in common? On the surface, not much. However, both get large cash infusions once or twice a year ? in the form of financial aid refunds or harvest payments ? making them flush with cash at those times, but stretched thin most of the time.

Being short on financial resources ...

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