Our areas of work

SJI is an experienced provider of tailored consulting and technical workforce assistance services. We currently work with government, funders, community colleges, community-based organizations and others in the following areas:

Workforce program development & improvement

  • SJI has more than 19 years of experience as workforce intermediary developing and implementing sector-based employment and training programs that meet the needs of low-income and low-skill adults as well as local businesses.
  • We help organizations implement effective new workforce programs – or improve existing ones – through sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and data collection frameworks, as well as through training of frontline staff.

SNAP E&T program implementation

  • SJI is a national expert in developing and implementing SNAP E&T programs at both a statewide and service provider level.
  • We played a leading role in the development of Washington State’s well-recognized SNAP E&T program, spurring it to grow from a pilot to a statewide program with an annual budget of more than $30M.
  • We’ve worked with the federal Food & Nutrition Service on improving the program, and provide technical assistance to states, systems and organizations around the U.S. seeking to expand SNAP E&T programs.
  • View a wealth of additional information in our SNAP E&T Resource Center here.

Labor market & sector research

  • SJI has extensive experience conducting in-depth research into local labor markets to help workforce systems and providers (governments, colleges, community-based organizations, etc.) to identify promising sectors and occupations to target for job training programs.
  • We closely analyze data as well as develop valuable information from local businesses to ensure that programs are best tailored to meet business needs and lead to well-paying jobs.

Program evaluation

  • Seattle Jobs Initiative is an experienced program evaluator, with expertise in conducting both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis to assist individual organizations, collaborations, systems and funders to evaluate both the implementation processes and impact of workforce development and related social service programs.

Systems/asset mapping

  • Seattle Jobs Initiative is experienced in helping workforce and social service organizations and systems (e.g., public housing) to identify and map resources available (and gaps in resources) needed to help individuals with barriers seeking to become competitive for living-wage careers.

Current Consulting / Technical Assistance Work

SNAP E&T Consulting — Partnership with USDA SNAP to Skills Project.  SJI is engaged on a two-year effort to work directly with states to help them develop, implement and expand effective skills-based SNAP E&T programs.

Recently Completed Projects

Resource Mapping — Seattle Housing Authority and One AmericaSJI worked with each of these entities (independently) to create interactive resource maps to help them and their participants have a better understanding of and easier access to local workforce development and support services resources.

Community Needs Assessment — Seattle Goodwill Industries. SJI assisted Seattle Goodwill in completing labor market and related workforce systems research for its most recent CNA.

Legal Services Pilot Project Evaluation — Columbia Legal Services. SJI assisted Columbia Legal Services in evaluating the impact of a Paul G. Allen Family Foundation-supported project to provide training on legal financial obligations to staff and clients of FareStart.

For more information on Seattle Jobs Initiative’s consulting and technical assistance services, please contact our Director of Consulting Professional Services/Policy, David Kaz at 206.628.6974 or dkaz@seattlejobsinit.com.