The SNAP E&T Experts

With 15 years of experience under our belts, Seattle Jobs Initiative is today the leading expert on operationalizing the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (SNAP E&T), which provides employment and training and related supportive services to individuals participating in SNAP, or food assistance. (Access a basic primer on SNAP E&T HERE). We have worked with more than 25 States, as well as several counties, cities, providers and funders, to assist them in planning, implementing and expanding high-quality SNAP E&T programs.

SJI’s SNAP E&T work commenced in 2005 when we partnered with the State of Washington to help launch its unique and now nationally-acclaimed program, Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET). Since that time, we have played an integral role helping the State to grow, advocate for, improve and document the program. BFET has now grown from a small, Seattle-based pilot to a statewide program involving all 34 of Washington’s community and technical colleges and more than 70 community-based organizations, serving more than 30,000 people annually with a budget of about $40 million.

In 2014, SJI started formally providing technical assistance to States and others to help them build successful SNAP E&T programs. Since 2015, SJI has been contracted by USDA Food and Nutrition Service to operate the federal SNAP to Skills Project, providing in-depth SNAP E&T technical assistance to 10 States per year and developing a national platform for the program. The latter work includes creating SNAP E&T tools, resources, and policy briefs, hosting trainings/learning opportunities such as the SNAP E&T Learning Academies and SNAP E&T State Institutes, and much more. Access the SNAP to Skills website HERE. 

Beyond SNAP to Skills, SJI has been contracted directly by several States, Counties, cities and foundations to support the expansion of SNAP E&T programs. SJI has also published independently and in collaboration with other organizations, such as the National Skills Coalition, research and tools supporting the development of quality SNAP E&T programs around the US. Access our SNAP E&T Resource Center HERE

How We Can Help You

Seattle Jobs Initiative assists State and County SNAP agencies, potential and current SNAP E&T provider partners (such as community/technical colleges and community-based organizations), local governments, funders and others to develop, expand and improve high-quality SNAP E&T programs.

SJI’s SNAP E&T technical assistance encompasses all aspects of SNAP E&T including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • SNAP E&T strategic/business plan development

  • SNAP E&T program development and operations
    • Building agency staffing capacity/structure
    • Identifying resources to support program administration/expansion
    • Identifying, educating, assessing, contracting, on-boarding third-party partners
    • Integrating SNAP E&T with workforce and other systems (WIOA, TANF, housing)
    • Building effective client-tracking and data systems (MIS)
    • Implementing effective processes for eligibility, billing and tracking
    • Designing and implementing participant engagement strategies
  • Financial reporting and compliance
    • Implementing effective processes for contracting, monitoring, evaluation
    • Implementing effective billing and fund tracking processes
    • Streamlining fiscal processes to minimize administrative costs
    • Creating reporting and billing forms

Access a two-page overview of SJI’s SNAP E&T Technical Assistance HERE.

Where we work

To learn more about working with SJI on SNAP E&T, please contact David Kaz, SJI’s Director of Consulting and Professional Services/Policy at or (206) 628-6974