Connect to Job Seekers

Connect to Job Seekers

Seattle Jobs Initiative can help your business connect with quality entry-level employees who are highly motivated and who possess strong performance skills. Because we match employers with the right talent, 70 percent of employees hired through SJI are retained after one year on the job.

All Seattle Jobs Initiative’s job seekers possess the following:

  • Attendance – SJI job seekers show up on time, every time, ready to work.
  • Attitude – SJI job seekers are team players possessing positive attitudes.
  • Ability – SJI job seekers have the technical skills needed by employers within the industries/occupations for which they have received training.
  • Accountability – SJI job seekers are accountable for their actions.
  • Adaptability -SJI job seekers are adaptable to the situation.

To connect with current SJI job seekers, please contact:

Associate Director of Programs Sarah Thomson (206) 621-0498