Seattle Jobs Initiative conducts and publishes research in two major areas: Labor Market Opportuniy and College Attainment & Career Pathways.

Our Labor Market Opportunity research is primarily focused on identifying job opportunities in the local labor market that are accessible to individuals who have less than a B.A. degree, understanding the changing wages and skill requirements for these jobs, and identifying the availability of training. We also seek to provide knowledge to the community on specific sectors of the labor market.

Our College Attainment & Career Pathways research seeks to provide a better understanding of the challenges of community college attainment among low-income and low-skill individuals, as well as highlight promising practices that are meeting these challenges and improving outcomes.

In addition to these primary research efforts, SJI also conducts a variety of General Policy Research related to our work, including workforce development best practices and systems-building, funding for employment and training, local demographics (relevant to employment and educational attainment of the local low-income population) and policy issues.