Seattle Jobs Initiative’s CareerConnect program provides a path to career growth through rapid training, coaching, and career placement. Working with an experienced Career Navigator, CareerConnect participants are supported as they navigate wraparound services, develop workplace performance skills, and receive short-term Healthcare and Manufacturing training. Following rapid training, CareerConnect works to place participants in entry-level, full-time jobs with employers who are committed to upskilling their employees, ensuring that participants can quickly move up the ladder into middle-wage careers.

CareerConnect is based upon SJI’s expertise helping individuals successfully meet the many challenges they may face on the road to acquiring the skills, education, and connections necessary for a living-wage career. Participants benefit from the know-how of our Career Navigators — experts in serving the community — that have specialized knowledge of industry sectors and the community college system. Navigators help participants overcome obstacles to success while developing their performance skills through one-on-one coaching and support.

CareerConnect has a unique performance skills curriculum based on employer expectations to help people succeed in their career pathway beyond their technical skills. Through a curriculum covering everything from nailing the interview and understanding workplace culture to handling professional conflict and personal finances, participants are prepared to navigate many career scenarios. In tandem with developing these skills, participants build their industry-specific hard skillset through industry-recognized certifications and short-term credentials.

To learn if you are eligible for CareerConnect, scroll down to view SJI’s Eligibility Requirements. You can also view more information about the Healthcare and Manufacturing sector programs or contact a Career Navigator with any questions.

Healthcare: 206.483.5114
Manufacturing: 206.728.8826 ext. 710
General: 206.628.6975

Manufacturing Careers

Do you like working with machinery and tools? Are you mechanically-inclined?

SJI’s CareerConnect Manufacturing program can help you start in the thriving manufacturing field! Training and certificate offerings include:

  • Vigor welding
  • Industrial maintenance repair
  • Industrial Certification Week
  • Warehouse
  • ESL for trades
  • Diesel
  • Manufacturing career-launch
  • Basic manufacturing
  • Intermediate manufacturing

Are you interested in a career in Manufacturing? Want to work in a hands-on field for an employer who is invested in your growth? CareerConnect’s Manufacturing path is for you! If you’re a Seattle resident, call a Manufacturing Career Navigator today for more information on training paths and career opportunities:

Pacific Associates
206.728.8826 ext. 710

Healthcare Careers

Do you work well on a team and in a fast-paced environment? Do you have an interest in science and medicine?

SJI’s CareerConnect healthcare program can help you start a career in the rapidly growing healthcare field! Training and certificate offerings include:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Central Services Technician
  • Medical Office Professional
  • Medical Assistant

Are you interested in a career in Healthcare? Want to help people while working for a Healthcare employer who is invested in your career growth? CareerConnect’s Healthcare path is for you! Call a Healthcare Career Navigator today for more information on training paths and career opportunities:

Asian Counseling and Referral Services206.695.7569
Neighborhood House206.483.5114
TRAC Associates206.331.7560

Your Career Navigator

What makes CareerConnect truly unique is our Career Navigators. Navigators are professionals experienced in serving people who have faced challenges to success gaining more skills and education and/or quality employment with career growth opportunities. Navigators also possess specialized knowledge of both community colleges as well as the specific industry sectors for which we provide training.

When you enroll in SJI’s CareerConnect program, you will be matched with a Career Navigator who focuses on the specific industry sector in which you are interested. Your Career Navigator will work with you step-by-step from the time you enroll in SJI’s program while you complete short-term training, find a job, and start your career.

Career Navigators will help you:

  • Balance your training and employment with family and work responsibilities
  • Access support services (e.g., tutoring, housing, transportation and childcare)
  • Select the right educational program and career path
  • Prepare for the workplace and sharpen your performance skills
  • Access resources to pay for college credential programs
  • Prepare for and access career opportunities both during and after completion of your training
  • Meet any challenges that arise while completing your training
Eligibility Requirements

How old do I have to be?
You must be at least 18 years old.

Where do I have to live?
You must reside within the boundaries of the City of Seattle or in White Center. If you live outside the City of Seattle, please contact us further for information regarding eligibility requirements. To look up your zip code, please click here.

What are the income level requirements?
Your income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines — the table below outlines the 2018 guidelines for 3-Month Income. A Career Navigator can help you determine if you meet the income requirements. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) website provides information about federal poverty guidelines, as well.

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2018 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia

Persons in Family/HouseholdPoverty GuidelineThree-month Poverty GuidelineSJI 300% of Three-month Poverty Guideline
>8: For each additional person, add$4,320$1,080$3,240

Are there any educational requirements?
No, but certain occupations and training programs have reading, writing and math requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, you may be referred to an Adult Basic Education class to increase your skill level.

What if I can only work part-time?
SJI’s CareerConnect program isn’t the right fit for those seeking part-time work. We expect all of our participants to be ready to find full-time, permanent work upon training completion.


Below, we answer many of the most common questions we receive from individuals who are interested in participating in SJI’s programs. Please contact one of our Career Navigators for additional information (contact information above).

Q: What is required of me if I participate?
A: CareerConnect participants need to be motivated and committed to completing a rapid training program and entering the sector of their choice. Commitment is demonstrated through attendance at all trainings, meetings, and appointments and working through identified barriers with your Career Navigator.

Q: How long is the CareerConnect Program?
A: CareerConnect varies in length depending on the training path.

Q: Does SJI’s CareerConnect Program cost me anything?
A: No out-of-pocket expenses will be incurred by eligible participants. However, depending on your income level, you may need to work with your navigator to apply for financial aid and other funding.

Q: If I enter SJI’s program, will I be guaranteed a job in the end?
A: SJI makes every effort to create opportunities for each participant, working with committed employers and the college system to provide a network for our participants to opportunities. CareerConnect teaches participants job search techniques, including how to create a great resume and tips for a successful job interview.

Questions about SJI programs? We can help.
Call us at 206.628.6975 or contact our Program Specialist, Khalia Carter, at

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