The benefits of working with SJI

We connect businesses with untapped talent. SJI helps businesses access quality entry-level employees who are highly motivated and who possess strong performance skills. We improve businesses’ recruitment pipeline by assisting companies in establishing internship programs, which many of our business partners have described providing them a two-month interview of potential job candidates. Connecting businesses with the right talent has resulted in 70 percent of those employed from SJI’s programs being retained after one year on the job.

We value performance skills. As central part of our curriculum, we teach the attributes and attitudes that equip individuals to succeed as workers, lending to future success in the workplace. In order to graduate from SJI’s program, students must demonstrate competency in performance (soft) skills such as self-awareness, self-discipline, persistence and empathy.

We impact your company’s bottom line. When you consider that it costs a business an average of $4,000 to recruit, hire and train one entry-level worker, businesses receive significant savings by partnering with SJI.

We are responsive to businesses’ needs. The SJI team is available to help you with your staffing, internship and retention needs.