Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer many of the most common questions we receive from individuals who are interested in participating in SJI’s programs. Please contact one of our partner community-based organization Career Navigators for additional information: Automotive/Trade/Logistics, Healthcare, Office Occupations/MOP or Manufacturing.

Q: What is required of me if I participate?
A: Career Pathways Program participants need to be motivated and committed to completing at least 15 college credits toward a one- or two-year college credential leading to full-time employment in one of our four industry sectors of focus, and to be able to demonstrate that by arriving to all appointments, meetings and classes on time.

Q: How long is the Career Pathways Program?
A: The SJI Career Pathways Program offers support for short-term and long-term training programs ranging from approximately three months to two (or more) years. Participants can receive navigation services for up to a maximum of three years, if needed.

Q: Does SJI’s Career Pathways Program cost me anything?
A: No out-of-pocket expenses will be incurred by eligible participants. However, depending on your income level, you may need to work with your navigator to apply for financial aid and other funding.

Q: If I enter SJI’s program, will I be guaranteed a job in the end?
A: SJI makes every effort to create opportunities for each participant, and we have a great track record: to date, we have placed nearly 7,000 of our participants in jobs. Participants learn job search techniques, including how to create a great resume and tips for a successful job interview.