Curious about what Seattle-area employers have to say about who they are looking to hire for their entry-level positions? Seattle Jobs Initiative asked them!

Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) is pleased to present our latest labor market research, Entry-Level Job Requirements: An Assessment of Seattle-Area Employers. Authored by Northwest Social Research Group, this research is a follow-up to SJI?s 2012 report Changes in Entry-Level Jobs over the Past Decade.

In a survey of 85 employers ? and in follow-up interviews ? we asked the following key questions:

  • How do employers define ?entry-level? at their businesses?
  • What hourly wages are employers currently paying their entry-level workers?
  • What level of education is required for most entry-level positions at local businesses?
  • Is there a difference between job requirements and actual educational attainment of incumbent workers within entry-level positions?? If so, is this difference economy-driven and cyclical, or systemic?
  • What is the comparative value of degrees, certificates and job experience in employers? hiring decisions for entry-level positions?
  • What additional factors give applicants for entry-level positions an edge in getting hired?


Please join us for a Webinar on key findings on February 28th!

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Seattle Jobs Initiative invites you to hear what we learned from our survey of 85 local employers (and more extensive follow-up interviews) about who they are looking to hire for their entry-level jobs.