September 6, 2016

SJI is pleased to release a new brief, SNAP E&T:  Opportunities for Alignment with WIOA, that builds on our long-standing efforts to facilitate the growth of robust, job-driven SNAP E&T programs throughout the U.S., and particularly programs that utilize a third-party partnership model supported by SNAP E&T 50 percent reimbursement (50-50) funds. 

The brief presents an examination of the initial impact, if any, on States SNAP E&T programs of the passage of WIOA and the opportunity it afforded States to develop new plans for their public workforce systems that align programs such as SNAP E&T with WIOA-supported core programs. It reviews State workforce plans that include SNAP E&T as a partner program. It also presents as a case study the approach of Tennessee, a State that has taken important steps to better align its growing SNAP E&T program with WIOA, both at a strategic and an operational level. Finally, the brief discusses the policies relevant to the alignment of WIOA and SNAP E&T as well as suggestions for integrating these programs in a way that is beneficial to the expansion of job-driven SNAP E&T programs.

The brief is available HERE.

Register for an Upcoming Webinar on This Topic!

SJI, along with the National Skills Coalition (NSC), are co-hosting a webinar covering the findings from this research brief as well as earlier research by SJ and NSC, Developments in Skills-Based SNAP E&T. The webinar will feature State leaders discussing the emergence of SNAP E&T in their States as a skill-building program and how SNAP E&T is being aligned with key State workforce development initiatives and with WIOA to create pathways to credentials and careers.

The webinar will take place at 11:00 – 12:15 Pacific / 2:00 – 3:15 Eastern time on September 20th. Please register HERE.