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Job Seekers

If you are an interested participant or job seeker, you can learn about SJI’s program options and find out which community-based organization you should contact in the Job Seekers section of this website.


If you are an employer interested in recruiting graduates from Seattle Jobs Initiative or if you’d like more information, please contact Sarah Thomson at 206.628.0498 or


For website comments or problems, contact Robyn Vatter at

SJI Staff Contact Information
Nick Codd Sr. Consultant
James Cofield III Administrative Assistant
Hien Dinh IS Specialist
Linda Helenberg Sr. Project Manager
Bryce Jones Sr. Research Analyst
David Kaz Director, Consulting & Professional Services/Policy
John Kim Executive Director
Rick Krauss Lead State TA Consultant
Hongmei Li Sr. Accountant
Kim Michel-Clark Human Resources
Debbie Murphy Accountant
Joanne Ngo Database Administrator
Bri Nguyen Planning & Strategic Advisor
Susan O’Callaghan Sr. Consultant
Kathleen O’Leary Sr. Project Manager
Shannon Presley BFET & Contract Specialist
Evan Smith Research Analyst
Bob Thibodeau Sr. Consultant
James E. Thompson Fund Development Manager
Sarah Thomson Associate Director of Programs
Danell Tobey Director of Finance & Technology
Elizabeth Unrath Contract & Compliance Manager
Robyn Vatter Communications Specialist
Thai Hang Vu Office Manager/Event Logistics Coordinator
Jeff Wendland Deputy Director – Operations