Find Your Path to a Living-Wage Career

Graphic with five arrows pointing to each of SJI's career pathways: healthcare, maritime, electronics, logisitics and green jobs.

SJI supports job seekers in acquiring the skills, training, and support they need to enter career pathways that offer a living wage, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

Our employment and training programs for Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound Region connect participants to job training with the support of a career navigator — a community expert who will provide individualized career planning, resources, and strategies to support moving toward a living-wage career. Our programs are designed to help develop technical and performance skills, such as goal-setting, communication, and interview preparation.

All SJI pathway programs have the added benefit of Digital Bridge. This service provides free laptops, hotspots, and internet to participants in need, and access to culturally competent digital literacy training in multiple languages. Learn more about Digital Bridge here.


Start your pathway to a new healthcare career! SJI’s Introduction to Healthcare Employment and Apprenticeship Program (IHAP) is a FREE, three-step program that trains entry-level job seekers for employment in the healthcare sector. Classes are taught online giving you the flexibility to learn from wherever you have internet access.


Do you think you would enjoy working on the water? Our new ship handling instruction program might be just what you are looking for!

Two male ferry boat deck hands prepare for docking

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