The Student-Centered Design consulting program is an opportunity to make systems and programs more responsive to the needs of under-served students, with the intention of improving enrollment, engagement, and persistence outcomes.

Researching. Understanding. Co-Designing. Testing.

Using an approach which combines applied behavioral science, human-centered design, and process improvement, SJI works with educational institutions to identify areas where students are failing to complete an intended action or next step or where there is “untapped potential” to be more responsive to low-income student needs. We then work collaboratively to co-design and test targeted interventions and redesigned processes which remove critical roadblocks for students.

Our Approach

Student-Centered Design Process Steps

Student-Centered Design Program Benefits

  • Help you address high-impact challenges
  • Increase your enrollment, engagement and persistence outcomes
  • Tap directly into the knowledge and experience of your students and staff to design solutions that are specifically tailored to your institution
  • Teach you how to apply Student-Centered Design concepts to help you tackle similar challenges through a student-centered lens

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