The benefits of working with SJI

We create workforce partnerships by connecting businesses with untapped talent. SJI helps businesses access quality, entry-level, highly motivated employees who possess strong performance skills. We improve businesses’ recruitment pipeline by assisting companies with their hiring needs, internship programs and on-the-job training opportunities. SJI is a trusted business advisor, bringing 21 years of regional and national leadership to provide systems-level workforce solutions.

We’ve served over 17,000 individuals with training and support, and have filled 10,500 jobs across 3,600 businesses.

We value performance skills. As an integral part of our curriculum, we teach the attributes and attitudes that prepare individuals to succeed as workers, leading to future success in the workplace. In order to graduate from SJI’s program, students must demonstrate competency in our performance skills built on three Success Principles: Growth Mindset, Self-Leadership and Communication.

We impact your company’s bottom line. When you consider that it costs a business an average of $4,100 to recruit, hire and train one entry-level worker, businesses experience significant savings by partnering with SJI. With our focus on providing training and support for in-demand positions, we are a strong, reliable asset to your hiring efforts.

We are responsive to businesses’ needs. The SJI team is available to help you with your staffing, internships, on-the-job trainings and job retention needs. We are your initial contact for any of your workforce development questions. SJI connects businesses and training providers to inform curriculum and align training for job-ready talent. With our local connections to workforce partnerships, we can provide you with support and respond to your needs while offering comprehensive workforce solutions.

Questions about SJI workforce partnerships?

Call us at (206) 628-6975 or contact our Director of Operations, Kevin Osborn at