Diesel engine technicians ensure that our world functions properly. From repairing trucks and buses, to maintaining ships and trains, these technicians keep our society running safely and efficiently.

Interested in a diesel engine technician career? Through South Seattle College’s Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technology program, you’ll learn skills to maintain a living-wage career in the industry.

What you’ll learn

  • Repair, troubleshoot and maintain trucks, buses, construction equipment, ships, trains, generators, power equipment, tractors and agricultural equipment.
  • Use computer-based scanning tools to access fault codes and make accurate diagnoses of the problem. Technicians frequently use electrical multi-meters, pressure gauges and flow meters to find the cause of mechanical failures.
  • Work in a variety of environments; from high-tech labs to maintaining vehicles in a hands-on shop environment.
  • Follow proper safety procedures, including how to maintain personal protective equipment.
  • Acquire Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications including: OSHA, Forklift Operation, Electrical, Brakes & Suspension, Hydraulics & Drive Train, Engines and Engines Rebuild.

Source: https://www.southseattle.edu/programs/proftech/diesel/

Why you should enroll

  • Employers are involved right from the beginning
  • By the second quarter of training, you’ll obtain enough skills for Shop Helper occupations
  • Part-time job counts toward internship requirement
    • 20-30 hours per week at an average of $18 per hour
  • SJI provides you with a Career Navigator, support services, and internship opportunities.

Interested? Classes begin this fall!

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