SJI can provide you with the training and support you need to get a quality job.


Looking for research, program design or evaluation assistance? Building a SNAP E&T program? SJI can help.


SJI is a local leader in providing in-depth labor market analysis and college attainment research and tools.

I would describe SJI as a connector, innovator, and leader in the field. They connect like-minded organizations and employers together for win/win solutions. They are constantly innovating & improving their work; and they are a leader in the industry – providing research and knowledge.” –Megan Karch, Chief Executive Officer, FareStart

Whenever I’m considering a new program or initiative or a particular approach to a problem related to workforce development, I think of Seattle Jobs Initiative. They know what’s out there, due to their research and involvement in the community. SJI is my go-to organization.–Barbara “b.g.” Nabors-Glass, J.D., Vice President – Job Training & Education, Goodwill

The skills I gained in the SJI program were the right skills – what I learned in class I use on-the-job. A real key was that the SJI instructors and staff really taught us about responsibility, being accountable and managing our time well – those things are so important.–Ellen, SJI Office Occupations Graduate

I find it fitting that we have all become welders, because before today, I felt like a million broken pieces. With the help of everyone here, I have been welded back together, better than before, stronger, and with the ability that – should I ever break again – I’ll know how to fix myself. Thank you.–Marcus, SJI Welding Graduate

Seattle Jobs Initiative has made significant contributions to the field of education and skills training through their research and report writing. In your reports and research you have identified the needs and conditions of low-skill adults, strengths and weaknesses of state and local policies and programs, and opportunities for improving those policies and programs to produce better outcomes.–Deborah Povich, Manager, Working Poor Families Project

It’s awesome that you give us an opportunity to make something of our lives. A lot of us had lost hope in our lives and for getting a second chance, and you guys have given us a second chance, and I really appreciate it.–Jon, SJI Welding Graduate

Great Healthcare Job Trends Report! As program coordinator and medical business faculty, I'm expected to keep current on the job related topics emerging in business and specifically medical business information technology. Being kept abreast of what medical employers are seeking in the way of employees is key to my ability to create and instruct in the topics that employers need and want most. Thank you for sharing this information with me.–Jennifer Evans, Instructor, South Seattle Community College