Puget Sound and various other waterways we enjoy, are more than iconic features of the Pacific Northwest. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also one of the largest economic engines of our region. The maritime industry in and around Seattle employs thousands of people in transportation, shipping, and fishing. However, as many mariners get closer to retirement, the need to hire young people in this sector is increasing.

Traditionally, most of these roles have been held by white men. As the industry embarks on creating a new talent pool, the desire to bring diversity has also grown. SJI’s Working on the Water Program is focused on training this next generation of local mariners. We are seeking young people, particularly women, and members of the BIPOC community, to join our program, setting them on a course to a living wage career.

In the program, participants attend two weeks of in-person classroom training at Seattle Maritime Academy, learning basic seamanship. This is followed by a week of basic training at the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies. We then work with participants to prepare them for their new careers, including soft skills, job interviewing preparation, and digital literacy training. The Career Navigator works one-on-one with each participant on their journey to employment.

The WoW program is 12 weeks long and includes time on the water aboard the Maritime Instructor and insight into this career path from seasoned professionals. Upon successfully completing the program, students will have earned seven different credentials and certifications.

If you or someone you know would be interested in exploring this career path, please reach out to us. To learn more call 206-513-9833 or send an email to gnakroshis@seattlejobsinit.com. We look forward to hearing from you.