Thank you to those who joined SJI’s Policy Research Team and The Nature Conservancy on January 31st, 2023 for our webinar overviewing the joint report on the workforce ecosystem involved in the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) sector. View the presentation slide here. To read the entire report, Mapping Green Stormwater Infrastructure Careers to Improve Diversity and Inclusivity, click the button below.

This project was commissioned by the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Workforce Collaborative, which promotes knowledge sharing, and collaborates to create opportunities to develop sustainable, equitable, and inclusive career and employment opportunities within the GSI field for the southern portion of the Salish Sea Region.

As GSI projects become more integrated into urban planning and stormwater management, identifying and understanding related equity impacts is crucial. Policymakers should also ensure that communities most impacted by water runoff benefit from GSI projects. However, true equity and environmental justice demand that these interventions benefit the communities most impacted and are implemented and led by people from frontline communities

This report addresses the first of the Collaborative’s four main goals:

  1. Mapping the current landscape of the GSI workforce development
  2. Building coordination and collaboration around different GSI efforts
  3. Focusing on “in-the-ground” project implementation jobs
  4. Building a cohesive and equitable workforce from training to employment to long-term careers