Job Opening: Integration Coordinator

The Integration Coordinator plays a key role in supporting, ensuring, and integrating seamless service delivery in partnership with WorkSource (WS) leaders. Responsibilities include promoting and facilitating integration of service delivery throughout the WS system, assisting with the development of local procedures in partnership with the Workforce Development Council, evaluating program or service implementation, and providing technical assistance to ensure compliance. This position assists in measuring system performance, cultivating new community partners, evaluating progress, and providing technical assistance to improve the customer experience – including engagement of front-end staff, integration of services, yearly goal achievement and distribution, and training on necessary policy information throughout the system. This position will manage four (4) members of the Operator Team, including the Training and Learning Management Coordinator, Community Engagement Coordinator, Program Manager – WorkSource Operator Communications – Data Systems, and the Program Manager (leveraged) – WorkSource Community Outreach.

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