When Breyana enrolled in Digital Bridge at SJI, she recognized the significance of enhancing her digital literacy skills as she searched for employment. Understanding the vital role of computer proficiency in today’s job market, she is currently participating in the first cohort of our new digital literacy program.

She dove into topics ranging from computer hardware to Microsoft 365 tools, equipping herself with essential knowledge for the modern workforce. Breyana pursued additional learning opportunities in person and through online platforms like LinkedIn and NorthStar. Her dedication paid off; she earned three certificates showcasing her proficiency in various digital domains.

With these newfound skills, Breyana confidently entered the workforce, seamlessly integrating cloud technologies and productivity software like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel into her daily tasks. She plans to continue honing her skills and stay updated with the latest digital trends to remain competitive in the job market.

But Breyana’s journey didn’t end there. Recognizing the importance of furthering her education, she embarked on an academic path at Seattle Central Community College, pursuing an associate degree in social work. However, to fully engage in her studies, Breyana faced a challenge – ensuring access to reliable technology and internet connectivity.

At this critical juncture, the SJI Digital Bridge program became a lifeline for Breyana. It provided her with a reliable laptop and access to a one-year internet, empowering her to confidently navigate her educational journey.

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Digital Bridge can give you the knowledge and skills growth needed to increase your employability and career advancement opportunities.